Get Organized – Closet Cleaning

Find the clothes you want to wear - not the ones you don't

Spring is here and and this is a great time to get your closet organized — not to just switch wardrobes, but to go through them. So you can find the clothes you want to wear, and not be hindered by the ones you aren’t wearing.

  1. Pare down wardrobe from the clothes that were never worn or styles you no longer wear.  If this step is too hard, place these clothes in a box or separate storage space and go through it when the appropriate season returns
  2. Assess what needs mending or replacing and do so.  If it is a favorite item, start looking for clearance sales now on winter items.  Don’t wait for when the item will be full price.
  3. Switch the seasonal wardrobe and place the hangers with clothes in the opposite direction.  When you wear an item, place the hanger in the proper direction.  At the end of the season, the hangers with clothes that haven’t been worn will still be facing the opposite direction and easy to pare down.
  • When placing the new season in your closet, take the time to pare down the clothes if you have not done so last season.  Put the clothes in a separate box or location and see if you use them at all during the season.  Why keep items you have the best intention of wearing but never do?
Too much to tackle at once?  Do them in steps where you actively pare down and assess the wardrobe all season.  So when it comes time to switch, you have already completed the first two steps.

The additional space you gain in paring down and switching your closet maximizes the utility of your closet and allows for new key items you find during the season.

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