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This color was kicked off on St. Patrick’s Day, so we had a lot of inspiration and help!

Brown Bear Book Project
We did the handprints for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project together, thankfully. (I am so glad that we decided to do Laugh and Learn! It helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of and do projects!) The handprints did not translate exactly. The hands had to be crossed. I don’t know how other Moms can do two hands full of paint on a two year old easily. We did one hand at a time and it seemed to work best for us.Green Frog Handprint

Color Cards
This week we did the green color cards. Like I did with the other colors, I would point to the green color card, say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. My child always looks forward to picking a new card each day.

Fish Bowl Craft
The ocean items we glued on the plate weren’t staying and kept falling off so I had to re-create the craft. I used a piece of blue construction paper and glued the original oceans items on the paper (red craft and yellow starfish). I did add more white paper for the sand tho.  So this exercise helped reinforce the colors we already showcased. For green, added seaweed. I was constantly reinforcing the color green describing the scene we were creating as I cut it out and we glued it on the paper.Green Fish Bowl

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed:Green Shamrock
– Green Coloring
Color Song
Green Doodle Paint
Green Window Stickers
Green Play-dough
Handy Shamrock
– Red light green light
– Green leaves on Tree

Green Doodle Paint
My child helped me mix the paint and kept asking to help mix (another one) the next day. Not only that, the ‘painting’ with the doodle paint was absolutely enjoyed. I couldn’t get the paper out fast enough. I think this will be even more fun as I get larger paper and add new colors. Definitely something I would do again and again.Green Paint

Green Window Stickers
It took 3 days for our window stickers to dry and when applied to the window, they only stayed up for a couple hours. Granted, it’s winter here so there might be better suited for warmer months. Regardless, my child liked filing in the cookie cuter and still sees it as a great craft we did together.Green Window Clings

Green Leaves on Tree
My friend shared an activity she did with her nieces –they printed out the bottom of a tree and paint leaves on. I did this activity with my child but drew the brown part of the tree instead of printing. (I was too lazy to google it!) My friend had her child use their fingertips for the leaves. When I did this craft, we used a q-tip and it worked well.Green Tree 2 Green Tree 1

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