How to Make Bell Wine Charms

The girls are coming over this weekend for a cookie swap and I want to make something fun as a take away.  All these projects with wine corks (cork wreath and cork ball) had me inspired to do something around a wine theme — and there it was — a set of bell wine charms.  So back to the craft store for me!

Items Needed to Make a Bell Wine Charm

Items For a Set of Six Bell Wine Charms:

  • Earring Bases
  • Assorted (Color) Bells (0.6 inches size)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Ribbon or Twine

I wanted to used earring bases for the device that held the bell to the glass, as I find them easiest to place on the glass.  Feel free to improvise if you find them cumbersome or looking to make these with what you have on hand.  Other suggestions are twine or ribbon.

If you don’t want to use bells or couldn’t find them, then use small ornaments or something of the like.  You could also get smaller bells and add beads.  I love this craft because it is such a great gift idea to accompany the customary bottle of wine, as a hostess gift, teacher gift or a nice take-away for a group.  The possibilities are endless.

I needed to buy two different bags of assorted bells to get 6 different colors.  Check how many colors or varieties charms you are buying so that you can complete a set of six. My earring bases came in two sizes (although the packaging did not indicate so).  My advice is to sort through the bases and wine charms so you have complete pairs of six to avoid re-do’s or last minute tricks to the craft store (like I had to do).

OberBargain Tip: Plan the project in advance so you can take advantage of the 40% or 50% off regular price coupons and get all your items at a discount.  I was able to capitalize on coupons so that I was able to purchase everything for a steal!  (Since this is a gift, I don’t want to say exactly how much I paid.  If you are reading this friends, it’s the thought that counts, right??)  Another great idea is to take advantage of the day-after Holiday sales where everything is marked down 50% to 75% off.  Perfect time to get the embellishments for your future wine charms!



How Earring Base Should Look once Pulled Through Eye

Place end of earring base (the side without the small circle or eye) into the loop of one bell and push through into the small circle of the earring base 1/4″ of the way. Note:  if adding beads, place bead before the bell and after the bell.

Fastening Wine Charm

Take the needle nose pliers and bend the small piece of the earring base perpendicular so that it is pointing up instead of straight.  You may need to flatten the eye of the circle so it is not sideways and easy to get off and on.  Test to make sure so you don’t have to re-do them at the end. Now, within a matter of minutes, one wine charm is complete!

Continue with the remaining colors until you have a set of six.  Tie set together with ribbon or twine to store for yourself or be given away.


Finished Bell Wine Charms

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