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Brown Bear Book Project
My friend and I weren’t able to kick off the yellow week for Laugh & Learn together due to winter weather.

Yellow Duck Handprint Activity

Yellow Duck Handprint Activity

So, we each did our handprint animals, yellow duck, for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project individually. My child definitely didn’t enjoy the experience as much without their friend.

Fish Bowl Craft
This week, we added a yellow starfish to the fish bowl. Although my child is too young to use scissors successfully, helping glue the items is entirely different! Now that the ‘fish bowl’ is taking on more of a scene, we look forward to this craft every week.


These are some activities that the kids enjoyed for the color yellow. We varied them by day.

Sun Handprint

Yellow Sun Handprint Activity

Yellow Sun Handprint Activity

My friend was inspired by the paper plate sun handprint to make a version using a yellow construction paper circle surrounded by yellow hand prints. Super cute!

Yellow Color Poem
My friend found this and shared with me. She printed it out and used it as a fun way for yellow color reinforcement. Since my child loves to color, I printed it out in black and white and let her color it. We placed it on the fridge along with her Yellow Duck and Yellow Sticker Art. She loves to point out the sun, etc or have me read it to her multiple times a day.

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