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The white week(s) were teamed up with nature as we had several days of snow throughout the week. So, it allowed for some natural repetition as well.

Brown Bear Book Project
We started off the Laugh & Learn with quickly with the white dog for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project. The kids were happy to be reunited in their paint handprints and the activity quickly moved into coloring with white crayons on colored construction paper. We were now getting the process down for painting. We did the painting early on so it would be dry or almost dry for the parent driving to take it home. We also had a plastic discard bag on the side where we put all the used items to be thrown away after painting and it worked out efficiently!

White Dog Handprint Activity

White Dog Handprint Activity

Fish Bowl Craft
This week we added the white sand to the fish bowl. So, the aquatic scene is coming together nicely with the red crab and yellow starfish.White Fish Bowl

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed:White Painting
Cottonball Snowman Craft
– White Painting/Coloring
White Hearts Painting Activity
Color Song
– Snow Play
– Water Play
– Pick the White Bear
– White Tree

Cottonball Snowman Craft
We used the image in the link as inspiration and just improvised, like drawing white circles on the paper and using that to fill in the cottonballs. Although our children helped with the glue, cottonballs and other adornments, it felt more like a craft that the adults were doing than the child. Despite that, it is featured on the fridge and my child proudly points to it as her accomplishment.White Snowman

White Painting/Coloring
We usually used same color construction paper and color on it and apply stickers. We also would print out pages with an item to be colored for the week. For white, we took a different approach. We painted with white on different colored construction paper. It being Valentines Day this week, we also painted white hearts.White Hearts Painting

Snow Play
Since the snow has been prosperous, my friend brought some snow in and had her child play with it like sand, using it with shapes and cups. It was a very fun experience.White Snow Activity

Water Play
We did white also in the warmer months and did a water basin. Only used white toys. My child loved playing in the water and getting completely soaked in the process.White Water Bin

Pick the White Bear
My friend lined up the 4 white and one red bear. She then asked her child to pick up a white bear and put it in a different location. After the child completed that, my friend asked her child to do the same for another 2 cycles of white bear. When only a red and white bear are remaining, she asks the child to put the red bear in a different location. Then asks her child what color is the one remaining (white).White Bear Activity

White Tree
My friend and her child did this craft. She used a canvas, but a white piece of paper would work too. White painters tape, make a tree and using various colors, her child painted all over the canvas. When the paint dried, she removed the painters tape to reveal the tree.White Tree

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