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When the kids got together for our first Laugh & Learn date, it was just after Christmas so they were so enamored with the new toys, we didn’t jump into any activities right away.


Red Bird Handprint Activity

Red Bird Handprint Activity

Brown Bear Book Project
We did not do the painting activity for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project right away. When we did, they both loved being together at the table with paint. (It also helped there was two adults to help with the pointing out the red color and to setting up/cleaning up the paint stuff.)  We applied the paint to their hands with paper towel and cleaned up with wet and dry paper towels. The activity was well received by the kids and somewhat mess free!

After I transformed the hand prints into a red bird, I put it in a projective sheet and put it on the fridge. My child loved seeing the artwork and constantly pointed it out. As it turned out, featuring the handprint art would become a wonderful natural way to reinforce the color of the week throughout each day.

We didn’t decide to do the other weekly continuity activities of color cards and fish bowl craft until the next color.

These are some crafts that the kids enjoyed for the color red. We varied them by day.

Color Find
A bunch of red toys and a couple toys of other colors were placed under a tent. We asked the children individually to go into the tent and get something red. My friend’s child is familiar with colors, was successful at selecting red items and enjoyed the activity. My child is still learning the colors. When going into the tent, the item selected was based on appeal and immediately used to go play with. So, the next week, we did a similar activity where my friend’s child get something red and then we ask my child what color it is.

Color Collection Basket
Using a red basket, we selected and added all red items to it.  This process was great for the first few items and then my child decided to just add items of all colors.  This is what happens when my child gets into the clean up spirit!

Hand Print Apple Tree Craft

Hand Print Apple Tree Craft

Hand Print Apple Tree

This activity was followed closely to the blog post linked above. My friend loved this activity with her child and great for reinforcement as the color red was mentioned heavily. When the red paint was taken out, my friend would show her child the paint and repeat the color a few times. Then she would ask her child what the color was. This was done thought the craft to much success!

Color Sheets
For the coloring, my child wasn’t keen on using only one color so I tried to use the red crayon as long as we could before using the other colors and just reiterate the color of what we were coloring.

At some point in the week, the preference was that I color and my child color along with me. So, I took it as an opportunity to draw pictures that focus on the color red.

Red Color Drawings

Red Color Drawings

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