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Brown Bear Book Project

Blue Horse Handprint Activity

Blue Horse Handprint Activity

We dove right into our blue week with our brown bear project for Laugh & Learn. We were still finding the right process for the handprint painting as to keep it a mess free activity and having some success. This week, it was using wipes to clean up their hands immediately after they made the handprint — we would never go back to paper towels again!

The kids were having so much fun at the table that when one of them wanted to color, it lead to a fun pastime of the color blue. Thank you for the natural and perfect segway! We got out paper and crayons focusing on blue as long as we could before other colors joined the coloring fun.

Color Cards
We introduced the color cards during this color week and although done individually both kids looked forward to selecting a new card everyday. It was a great way to reinforce the color. Each day that I did this exercise with my child, I would point to the blue color card say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. It is amazing what they will remember!

Fish Bowl Craft
We also started this activity with the color blue. I thought it would be fun to color or paint the paper plate blue. My child had other ideas and only wanted to use it as a toy. So, I cheated and used a blue plate I had in the pantry. I cut out a red crab for the red item and we glued it to the plate. I was constantly reinforcing the color blue describing the scene we were creating.


Blue Butterfly Activity

Blue Butterfly Activity

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed for the color blue.  We varied them by day.

Color Find
We liked the idea of the Color Find from when we focusing on the color red but wanted to make it appealing to both children. So, for this week for the Color Find, we lined up five toys (4 blue and 1 red) and then said out loud “Blue, blue, blue, blue, red,” pointing to each one. Then asked a child to put a blue item in the bag. Then asked the other child to take a turn. The process was repeated saying out loud, “Blue, blue, blue, red,”and asked the child to do the same. This was repeated until we had only red left. Each success for the children was applauded and praised.

The children loved this. We liked it as well for it sets up for the kids for success by repeating blue over and over. We think it helped them to realize the difference in colors and the desired action of what they needed to grab.

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