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More snow and winter colds have dampened our progress, but we are carrying forward! In general, I found this color to be the most limiting in ideas which didn’t help either!

Brown Bear Book Project
We did the hand prints individually and then ended up doing them together to create the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project. The children hadn’t seen each other in a while and we’re excited to paint together. The black sheep was finally completed. It was in doing this craft I realized that black paint varied widely so choose with care.Black Sheep

Fish Bowl Craft
A black veil angelfish was added the white sand to the fish bowl. I thought that would take up less room than a whale. After googling it, options were limited, but I think it looks good all the same. This was added to blue water, yellow starfish, red crab, and white sand.Green Fish Bowl

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed:
– Black Coloring
Color Song
– Color Pick
– Animal Shadow
– Spider Craft

Animal Shadow
My friend was inspired by a ground hog day craft and thought it would be perfect for the color black! My friend had a monkey and a dog for the kids to pick from and they wanted both. (Of course.) The image was lightly taped down and our children colored around the image with chalk. It was fun to use a different medium besides crayons and paint. The image wasn’t exact. If that’s the outcome you are looking for, then choose a simple image.White Shadow Craft

Spider Craft
Trying to find a black craft, I stumbled across an image of an egg carton ant and it inspired me to create something similar but with a toilet paper roll. It was going to be an ant, but my child wanted a spider so 8 legs it was!Black Spider

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