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Brown Bear Book Project
So for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project we did the purple cat. Now, the kids were anticipating the craft and handprint happy. It was getting more difficult to get enough paint on the hand before they placed one or more handprints. We definitely had back up paper at the ready!Purple Cat

Color Cards
This week was the purple color cards. Like I did with the other colors, I would point to the purple color card, say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. My child always looks forward to picking a new card each day.

Fish Bowl Craft
The fish bowl or ocean life scene was now pretty robust with the blue water, yellow starfish, red crab, white sand, black fish, green seaweed, pink seahorse and orange clownfish. We decided to add a purple jellyfish. (Nice way to also teach some water safety!) I cut out the jellyfish, but let my child glue it on and kept reinforcing the color as we did the craft. Although, it was easy to do with “What’s that, Mommy?”Purple Fish Bowl

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed. It always varied day to day:Purple Play Doh

Purple Color Find
The kids had to pick a purple block from the various colors of blocks. They took turns and each time would place the purple block on the top of the previous block selected. It was great reinforcement of color, taking turns and building.Purple Find It

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