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Brown Bear Book Project
We decided to add the color pink to the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project with a pink pig. This was one of a couple colors we decided to add since we were using this a basis to teaching colors and kick-starting each week. The handprint went well and immediately lead into a coloring activity with stickers. The children were entertained for longer than we anticipated with this.Pink Pig Handprint

Color Cards
We got to do the pink color cards this week. As in previous weeks, I would point to the color card say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. My child wanted to play with these cards. Whatever works!!

Fish Bowl Craft
This week we added a seahorse to our fish bowl craft. At this point, it should be ocean life craft, but I will stick with the original name. The weekly color additions are more important than the name of it anyway! I think the seahorse added a nice touch to the blue water, yellow starfish, red crab, white sand, black fish, and green seaweed.Orange Fish Bowl

These are some activities that the kids enjoyed for the color pink and they varied by day:
– Pink ColoringPink Painting
Color Song
Pink Doodle Paint
Pink Play-dough
Toilet Roll Bunny
Painted Clay Hearts
– Pink Sidewalk Chalk
– Cherry Blossoms on a Tree

These are so activities we did not get a chance to do, but home to do another time!
Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window
Tissue Paper Heart Wreath
Noodle Necklaces
Heart Shaped Animal Crafts

Cherry Blossoms on a Tree
My friend championed this craft.  She printed out a tree with just branches and the children added the ‘cherry blossoms’ with pink paint. You could have them use their fingertips. My child preferred to use a Q-tip. (It was also an easier way for us not to make it a handprint tree!)Pink Cherry Blossoms Activity

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