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Brown Bear Book Project
So for the Brown Bear Hand Painting Project we varied for our grey handprints. My child and I did an owl and my friend and her child did an elephant. I had a practice run with our owl and liked it best when the colors of gray were gradual around the owls eyes.Gray Owl Handprint Craft

Color Cards
This week was the grey color cards. Like I did with the other colors, I would point to the grey color card, say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. My child always looks forward to picking a new card each day. Although it was easy since the printable was already done. It might have been fun to do our own.

Fish Bowl Craft
So, it the fish bowl or ocean life scene craft again.  Picking a grey item wasn’t easy. We decided on an octopus. We added this to the blue water, red crab, yellow starfish, white sand, black fish, green seaweed, pink seahorse, orange clownfish, and purple jellyfish.Grey Fish Bowl


I recently found this and wish I had saw it sooner:

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