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Brown Bear Book Project
This was the final handprint for our Brown Bear Hand Painting Project.  Our brown handprints made brown bears. My first attempt at the brown bear, it looked like a brown rat. I changed to a more teddy bear face and it seemed to remedy the problem.Brown Bear

Color Cards
This week was the brown color cards. Like I did with the other colors, I would point to the brown color card, say the name of the color, and then point to the individual letters and spell it out. My child always looks forward to picking a new card each day.

Fish Bowl Craft
I was not sure what to do for the brown item in the fish bowl or ocean life scene craft. We decided on seashells. So this was added to the blue water, red crab, yellow starfish, white sand, black fish, green seaweed, pink seahorse, orange clownfish, purple jellyfish and grey octopus.Brown Fish Bowl


Four Season Tree
My friend did this craft with her son. She created a tree that encompassed four different canvas panels. On each of the panels she had a different season, blue with white snowflakes, purple with pink flowers, yellow with green leaves and green with red leaves. She did the background and her child did the leaves on the various panels.Brown Tree Seasons

Bear Craft
We did this bear craft as the cover of the brown bear book. I loved the idea of creating the bear from this blog, but didn’t have the abundance of crayons to make it. So we had our children do handprints on brown paper instead.Brown Bear Craft

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