How to Remove Rust and Repaint Crome on a Tricycle

I had a tricycle passed down to me for my child. A sturdy old school radio flyer. It was great, but it had a lot of rust. Now, to fix that.

Items Needed to Remove Rust

Items Needed to Remove Rust

Items For Tricycle:

  • Tricycle
  • Silver pray Paint
  • Sand Paper (100 grit)
  • Sand Paper (finer grit)
  • Plastic bags and painters tape (to cover the other parts of the bike)
  • Box to spray paint in (optional)
Tricycle Before

Tricycle Before

Getting sandpaper that can be wet is critical so that the rust doesn’t go all over (and get into your eyes).

I don’t have a garage and need to spray paint outside.  So, I like to use a cardboard box to minimize breeze and spray.

OberBargain Tip:  The tricycle was passed down to us, so the overall cost was minimal.  For this project, I was able to purchase everything for less than $10.



1. Clean and Prep

  • Wet the chrome and lightly sand to roughen up the surface with the 100 grit paper.  If there are any spots were existing paint is peeling, be sure to smoothen as much as possible.
  • With a wet cloth, wipe base clean removing any leftover rust and grit.
  • Let dry to determine if there are any existing areas that still need to be sanded.
  • If so, repeat. If not, repeat process with the finer grit sand paper again using water.

    Tricycle after sandpapered

    Tricycle after sandpapered

 2. Prepare and Spray Paint

  • Cover your work surface and cover the areas you do not wish to be spray painted with plastic bags and painters tape.  Certain parts of the bike might need to be removed to properly be spray painted.
  • Using short bursts, spray paint the chrome to minimize drips.  It may take more than one coat.  Repeat as needed.

3.  Final touches

  • Remove tape, etc., and put the tricycle back together if need be and you are done!

The project took a few hours to complete (start to finish including drying time) but was only a few minutes of ‘work’ for each step.  I did have to sandpaper the tricycle several times as there was so much rust on the chrome. The process was still easy and the transformation worth the little effort!

Here is the final product!

Tricycle After

Tricycle After / Finished

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