Back-to-School – Your Stress Free Guide

Looking to make back-to-school stress free?  Here’s a checklist that will do just that:Stress Free Checklist for Back-to-School

  • Get Homework Done
    • Don’t let your child drag their feet on getting homework done so three weeks before they are cramming their reading in.  Help them establish a realistic schedule (i.e. – one book will be read in 3 weeks) from the on set.
  • Get Appropriate Supplies
    • Get a check list of supply needs as soon as possible to avoid running around days before school starts. Common needs are school bag, note books, pens/pencils, pencil sharper, ruler, calculator, folder.  If you find a great deal, stock up, particularly on writing utencils, folders, notebooks, etc as they will be needed from year to year.
    • Shop where you shop.  Your time is money.  Don’t go to Target if it is 30 minutes away if you always go to Walgreens and they have everything you need and on sale.  Saving $5 isn’t worth the extra hour and half of lost time.
  • Plan Meals
    • Back to school is an adjustment for everyone and everything, including meals.  A few weeks before do some advanced planning for late summer / early fall meal ideas
      • Breakfast – pancakes or waffles are the breakfast choice, on the weekend make a larger batch and free them so school mornings they are a quick reheat.  Whatever the breakfast choice is, find a way to make a shortcut in the morning.
      • Lunch – Research new snack idea’s or buy some surprises when you are not with the kids.  Set the lunch boxes out and prepare as much as possible the night before to minimize morning madness.
      • Dinner – Dust off those slow cooker recipes and on the weekend make larger batches of main dishes (chicken, pork, etc) so they can be transformed into another meal (i.e. grilled chicken breasts can become chicken fajitas another night)
  • Organize
    • Set up your ‘out the door’ area where every night, backpacks are placed and ready to go in the am (with any signed papers), shoes, socks and any outerwear to make mornings painless as possible.  Make a game of it with the kids the night before so it becomes a (fun) routine.
    • If casually planning meals doesn’t work for you, then make a calendar with what is for dinner each night a week in advance.  Plan it around the grocery store sales for bulk savings.
  • Update / Refresh Wardrobe
    • Open the drawers and the closet and reassess.  Do the clothes still fit?  What staples are needed?  Once you go shopping, make sure the kids try on the clothes and keep the receipt in case something needs to be exchanged or returned later.
  • Adjust Bedtime
    • If the kids stayed up later in the summer, a week or so before school is the time to re-adjust.  Slowly start adjusting them back to their normal bedtime by having them go to bed 15 minutes earlier a night.  It will cause less anarchy the day before school.
  • Practice AM Routine
    • This is a great time to test the breakfast shortcuts and getting out the door in a timely manner to see how you can further simplify the process for the school days

What other tricks and tips do you incorporate into your Back-to-School routine to make it stress free?

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  2. Great tips…I like the one about not running around to much to save a few dollars on specials. I get so exhausted and discouraged climbing in and out of a car all day!

  3. Great tips!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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