Victorinox Swiss Army – 2012 Fall Warehouse Sale – The Details

Since my luck for getting pre-sale tickets has taken its course, I stayed with the tactic of going on Sunday (the last day).  My sister went on Saturday.  Regardless of the day, you will wait in line.  Both my sister and I waited 1.25 hours.  It was all a matter of bringing good company.

The overall offerings were the same as the past few years that I mentioned in an older post.  This year the selection of flashlights was limited (only offered two sizes) but they had more mens clothing and jackets.  Some of the deals we got were:

  • Chef knives travel carrying case – $3 (normally $122)
  • Chef’s slotted fish turner 4″x6″ – $7 (normally $35)
  • Kitchen shears (come apart) – $5 (normally $22)
  • Men’s swimming trunks – $20 (normally $75)
  • Women’s v-neck sweater – $25 (normally $125)
I know your question — is it worth it to go?  If you are looking for a high ticket item (like a watch) or just like to bargain hunt, its definitely worth it!
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  2. Steve says:

    Victorinox AG, was founded in the town of Ibach, canton of Schwyz, country of Switzerland in 1884 as a maker of commercial cutlery. In 1891 the Company began delivering knives to the Swiss Army, and in 1909 adopted its now famous “Swiss Army” logo/emblem – a white cross within a red shield. Today, Victorinox is still headquartered in Ibach, and prides itself on never having laid off even one employee for economic reasons in 129 years.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you Steve for the history of the company. I never knew! And what a stamp of honor, particularly in some of the difficult economic times we have encountered. Thanks again!

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