Introducing – Quechua

Quechua is a new peruvian restaurant / art gallery in South Norwalk. Jeff and I stumbled upon it when we were looking for a lunch place. We decided to give it a try and haven’t stop talking about how yummy our experience was.

The place itself has a festive vibe. It is established as soon as you walk in with the red walls adorned with Peruvian art.
The dishes range from cold / hot appetizers, salads, soups and meat and vegetarian selections. The speciality is their ceviche and once you have it you’ll agree! We ordered the mixed seafood and the freshness and quality sang in every bite. The dish was adorned with fried yuca and chilled peruvian corn. We also ordered the grilled calamari as well as the pulpo (grilled octopus chilled in a vinaigrette). They both came with side sauces that complimented the dish wonderfully – for example the pulpo came with a creamy olive sauce flavored with squid ink.
The prices range from $4 to $15 for appetizers and $8 to $19 for entrees. They also have a full bar.
They don’t have a website so you can explore their offerings before you go, but believe me – it’s worth it.
21 N. Main Street
South Norwalk, CT
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  1. Adriana says:

    Gostei muito desse site!

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