Introducing – Pantanal Restaurant and Churrascaria

After reading a New York Times article on a restaurant that served Brazilian style meats — and was well priced, I was inspired to try Pantanal Restaurant and Churrascaria in Bridgeport, CT.  Churrascaria means Brazilian barbecue.  In a word – delicious!

This inspiration then meant coercing Jeff to try something yummy (not hard) and torchering other friends to also try it (not hard).

The food is authentic and tasty, so much so that you will definitely go back for more.  They offer two different types of service.  The first is Rodizio which includes table service of skewered meat and unlimited buffet ($18.99).  The second is a buffet that you pay for by pound ($6.99 lb without meat and $7.99 lb with meat).  What kinds of meats?  The skewers range from brisket, chicken wrapped in bacon, steak to pork sausage and much more!  Our group wasn’t that hungry and opted to buy the food buy the pound.  Even with everyone getting seconds, it was the cheaper option. 

The place itself was a very casual and appreciated by the natives of the cuisine it served.  There were even cops getting some to-go so you know it’s a good local place.

Everything I had was delicious and I think I tasted almost everything.  The meat was a little too salty, but still yummy.  Everyone we went with was pleasantly happy with the food and the experience.  We definitely will go back again…but next time, bring more friends!

Pantanal Restaurant & Churrascaria
215 Frank Street
Bridgeport, CT

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